What is a covered put option strategy

Earn interest income on zero initial outlay. Variations This strategy discussion focuses only on a variation that is an arbitrage strategy involving deep-in-money puts.

What Is a Covered Put?

A covered put strategy could also be used with an out-of-money or at-themoney put where the motivation is simply to earn premium. But since a covered put strategy has the same payoff profile as a naked callwhy not just use the naked call strategy and avoid the additional problems of a short stock position? Max Loss The maximum loss is unlimited. The worst that can happen at expiration is that the stock price rises sharply above the put strike price.

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Selling the associated put option has three effects on this trade. Firstly, it pushes the breakeven point higher. This gives you a larger margin of error, that is the stock price can climb higher before you start to incur losses. Secondly, selling the put option increases your profit. As long as the stock price is above the put option's strike price, your profit will be greater than if you hadn't sold the put option.

Unlimited upside risk

The third effect is puut negative effect in that it limits your potential profit from this trade. If the stock price drops below the put option's strike price, the put option ix no longer expire worthless and you will need to buy it back. This occurs if the stock declines to a price less than or equal to the put strike price, in which case the option is exercised and you purchase the stock at the strike price and cover your short position. If the stock price begins to increase, the short stock position begins to lose value, but the premium received will offset these losses to a point.

If the stock increases above this point, then you begin to accrue losses. Generating income Much like a covered call position, which is a popular income-generating position among options investors, a covered put can also generate income. If the put expires worthless and you keep the premium received as realized gains, you can choose to sell another put and repeat the process provided that you are still comfortable holding the short stock position. How to Invest in Options.

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It will also offer you some low level protection if the price of the short sold stock went up unexpectedly. Implementing the Covered Put Implementing the covered put is a very straightforward process. All you have to do is write enough puts using the sell to open order to cover the amount of stock that you have short sold. You will need to make two specific decisions, and they are what expiration date to use and what strike to use. These decisions ultimately depend on what your expectations are and what you are trying to achieve. You should use the expiration date that is appropriate for how long you think the stock will remain stable for.

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