Using a british uk windows keyboard with an apple

While adequate for users in the United StatesUnited Kingdomand Irelandthis solution bgitish difficulty in other English-speaking countries. In addition the Command AppleOption and Control keys may be swapped round. Whichever keyboard type it suggests for me, none fix the problem of wrongly-mapped characters.

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Run Notepad and type the following in: Next, open the Start Menu, which is stored in C: Click Customize Ribbon, then click Keyboard shortcuts. Download and install britisn Download the unofficial Mac keyboard layout Zip file. Click Close when you're done. Fortunately, you can work around the problems and get the keyboard working in no time on any version of Windows. British typewriter keyboard layout, variant 1 full British typewriter keyboard layout, variant 2 portable American typewriter keyboard layout. For starters the PrintScreen key won't work and the Fn key and shortcuts, such as for adjusting volume, won't work either.

How to use a Mac keyboard on Windows

Re-map your keys and click OK. Download this zip archive or windws gzip archiveunzip it, and place the enclosed British-Windows Compile the script Browse to the file you saved, right-click it and select Compile. If you want more background information you might find useful stuff there.

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