Esrl global monitoring division

Earth System Research Laboratory

It is estimated using two terms: This will help to answer the question of how people are affecting climate change. Intensities are converted into irradiances in units of Watts per square meter per nanometer. The black line with the square symbols represents the same, after correction for the average seasonal cycle. Each member of the ensemble of networks has the same number of sites as the real network, but some sites are missing, while others are represented more than once. How does this program fit into the big picture? Are there any trends in the data?

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gllobal These data show that effective equivalent monitornig this accounts for bromine as well as chlorine peaked in the lower atmosphere in and has since begun to slowly decline. A global average is constructed by first smoothing the data for each site as a function of time, and then smoothed values for each site are plotted as a function of latitude for 48 equal time steps per year. Values for the last year are preliminary, pending recalibrations of standard gases and other quality control steps. In the figure, the red line and circles are globally averaged monthly mean values centered on the middle of each month.

Global means are calculated from the latitude plot at each time step Masarie and Tans,

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