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Click the links below for details. Bond Future Option Valuation: European Style The present fugure of a call bond future option is represented as: The present value of a put bond future option is represented as: Build forward bond price tree. After constructing the tree, valuation is performed backward until the valuation. The option value at node 0 is the present value of the bond future option.

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Other than the different characteristics of the underlying assets, there is no significant difference between stock and bond options. Just as with other options, a bond option allows investors the ability to hedge the risk of their bond portfolios or speculate on the direction of bond prices with limited risk. A call option gives the buyer the right to purchase the underlying assets of the option at a specific price before the option expires. The buyer is not obligated to exercise his rights, however, the seller or writer of the call option is. When the buyer exercises his rights, the call writer must sell the underlying assets to him at the strike price agreed on.

A put option gives the buyer the right to sell the underlying assets of the option at a specific price before the option expires.

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These calculations are performed using today's yield curveas opposed to the bond's YTM. This ruture us to assume that a the bond price is a random variable at a future date, but also b that the risk-free rate between now and then is constant since using the forward measure moves the discounting outside of the expectation term [4]. Thus the valuation takes place in a risk-neutral "forward world" where the expected future spot rate is the forward rate, and its standard deviation is the same as in the "physical world"; [5] see Girsanov's theorem. The volatility used, is typically "read-off" an Implied volatility surface.

The lattice-based model entails a tree of short rates - a zeroeth step - consistent with today's yield curve and short rate often caplet volatility, and where the final time step of the tree corresponds to the date of the underlying bond's maturity. Using this tree 1 the bond is valued at each node by "stepping backwards" through the tree: Then 2the option is valued similar to the approach for equity options: Note that the Hull-White tree is usually Trinomial: See Lattice model finance Interest rate derivatives.

Embedded options[ edit ] The term "bond option" is also used for option-like features of some bonds " embedded options ".

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