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Integrate the credit into your caption. Think "We love this photo by blahblahblah" Favebook an ffacebook like Repost If you're taking a photo from Instagram. This adds the user's handle to the image itself - so the pst is built into your photo, but you should still give credit to the creator where possible. When in doubt, ask Asking is the best way facbook cover yourself when re-posting a photo. You can message the user or comment on the post asking for permission. Some larger companies like the Coca Cola's of the world will leave a comment with a link to guidelines and ask the user to respond "yes" if they agree - like an on the go contract. Don't try to pass content off as your own There are many cautionary tales to this a more recent one being when comedian The Fat Jew lost endorsements because content he claimed was his own was in fact, not.

This is one of the worst moves to pull - how can you expect customers to trust your service or product when you aren't transparent on a platform like the internet? Don't alter content dramatically Or at all without asking for permission.

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If the content attracted you, it seems like a slap in the face to the creator to rip it and completely rework it, and since the creator owns the rights, it can potentially get you into legal trouble. If you see a different vision or take off point from where the content is, try asking the creator for liberty to tweak and post the original. Again you want to build trust with your audience, not make them feel taken advantage of. Don't use someone else's content to promote your work Never, ever use a user photo for advertising or paid campaigns - unless, again, you have permission or the content was submitted by the user with the knowledge that their content would be used for this purpose.

This is probably the easiest way for your business to get in trouble. Tag the user on the networks you are sharing from If you are reposting content across various networks, do your research and tag the user appropriately on each if possible. Not only will this show that you know how to use the network properly, but this can bring extra opportunities for exposure on the designated network. Even if the user isn't on the network you're sharing to, give credit Sometimes the businesses we share content from aren't active on all the same networks that you might be.

Even if they are not on the network, give credit.

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Repoost you can't tag them, stick to their handles or use another method of credit facebook "first name, last initial". Reposting by Network Reposting on Facebook Avoid getting into issues on Facebook by "reposting" as a share. When you share from one fan Page to another, the share will clearly show that this content was taken from another fan Page with a link at the top. You can share the post as is or add your own caption to the share.

How to Copy and Repost on Facebook

You can also just upload the content to your Facebook fan Page and tag the Page with your messaging, or by adding a shout-out at the end of your caption. If your Page is verified, you can also try new Facebook Branded Content tags. Reposting on Twitter Twitter is Repost a facebook post one of the easiest networks to repost content - simply retweet it If you're uploading content for an original tweet using visuals created by someone else, tag their handle in your tweet. You can also tag users in Twitter photos themselves.

Reposting on Instagram Use the Repost app to help quote captions and create images with user handles already on them If you choose to repost without an app, just make sure to give credit within messaging. You can also tag the person in your post, in addition to the mention. Follow general rules when reposting content by uploading it from your own page. Reposting on LinkedIn LinkedIn allows direct shares from company pages or from profile to profile, but not from one company page to another yet. LinkedIn will let you tag another company or profile but only when sharing from a personal profile. Make sure to include your credit in your messaging on this network.

Reposting on Pinterest Reposting on Pinterest is known as a "save". Saves will clearly state where the content is coming from. At the end of the day, the best kind of content is original content.

Repots Try your best to create your own images and videos for your business or brand's social media marketing. Here are two of my posts Reposy help you create your own original content. A post will also get more reach the more recently there has been engagement ffacebook the post. This means posts that get a lot of likes, comments, and shares will have a longer time in the spotlight. This is the complicated one; posts will be more visible to people who have a higher affinity for your site. Essentially, any form of engagement or activity around your brand increases affinity with that user.

If I like your page, I have a certain amount of affinity. If I click on your page a few days later, it bumps up my affinity. If I like posts, comment on them, or share them, my affinity goes up. However, there are also things that decrease affinity. If I ignore your posts, over time my affinity will drop.

If I click to hide, unfollow, or report your posts, my affinity drops quite sharply. This is why positive engagement is so important; affinity decays over time, and constant engagement is the only way to keep it up and growing. The format of the post, sure. Videos do better than images, which do better than links, which do better than text posts. However, nothing about that algorithm has anything to do with what the content of the link is, what the image is, or what the video is. Looking at just what is publicly known about the Facebook Algorithm, then, we can determine that posting the same thing several times is not likely to decrease your reach.

What Can Cause a Reach Decrease When you post the same piece of content — the same words, the same link, the same image, identical everything — several times, you can run into a few different possible issues. Facebook will show the primary post at the top, followed by each individual user and their comments when the post was shared, if any existed.

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The second issue is that posting the same thing several times is likely to encounter a quirk facbook EdgeRank; affinity scores. The fact is, though, a lot of the same people are seeing the faccebook again, and again if you post it a third time, and again if you post it a fourth time. Each subsequent post is going to have less engagement. Remember how EdgeRank affinity decays over time? Your reach decreases as a whole, rather than cycling in through the top fixed percentage. After all, Facebook users only have so many slots in their feeds each day, and Facebook filters a ton of content they might otherwise see.

The next possible problem is users marking your posts as spam when they see facdbook same thing four, five or more times. Despite all of this, there are some good reasons why you might want to share your content more than once. The Case for Reposts The first benefit is getting more traffic. Successive posts will bring in more new traffic, even if each one will do less than the last. The key is to stop reposting before the diminishing returns hurt you more than they help. This usually means reposts, not or more. You can post more on Twitter than on Facebook, but again, those are different platforms.

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